Universal chassis-bgc

Universal chassis

The main advantage of the MEGA and GRAND SUPER system is the possibility of replacing bodies. It is possible to combine one chassis with multiple bodies to maximise its potential.
Universal chassis
In standard, all vehicles are equipped with a sprung drawbar.
Mechanical or hydraulic sprung
Possibility of forced steering
Lifting the front axle
Universal chassis are available on two types of axle sprung – boggie, and tandem/tridem. The rear axle is steerable for MEGA18 and 20 semitrailers, and the first and third axles are steerable for MEGA25 and 33 semitrailers. The chassis are ready to install a parking system where it is possible to buy a body replacement kit and use it directly with the chassis.

The MEGA33 chassis can be fitted with hydraulically sprung axles. This sprung option offers the possibility of height adjustment of the chassis, so when replacing the body, there is no need for a hydraulic parking system and, in addition, it is possible to change the headroom for field and road operation. Hydraulic sprung has excellent handling characteristics, especially in hilly and rugged terrain and conditions. Another undisputed advantage is the possibility of lifting the front axle while driving without the cargo, thus saving tires.