Zemědělská a dopravní technika, spol. s r.o. is a purely Czech company specialised in the production of agricultural machinery for transportation and application of agricultural commodities.
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About us

Zemědělská a dopravní technika, spol. s r.o. is located in Nové Veselí in Vysočina and operates two separate plants. It employs 120 workers. The company uses modern technologies for steel processing, surface treatment and assembly. The company also has its own design and development department, through which all the products offered have gone through.
The basic principle of production inside the company is high-quality manual work, so there is no robot or automatic workplace. All welds, bends, coatings and assembly are the work of local skilled workers. As proof of quality and effort to do things thoroughly, the company holds the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate.

ZDT's Philosophy

ZDT's goal is to provide customers with a comprehensive and functional solution for agricultural transport.

The means to achieve such bold goals are in particular long-term experience in the field of production – knowledge of working with metallic materials including surface treatment, advanced technological equipment for material preparation and welding, the sophisticated technical solution of the products offered and last but not least access to the customer as a source of inspiration for further development. Undoubtedly, there is also experience from agriculture that excel in its complexity and multidisciplinary focus.

ZDT is constantly looking for ways to satisfy customers, make cars tailored to traditional and untraditional requirements, and to develop the efficient operation of an agricultural company. Making contact and working with customers is and will be ZDT's cornerstone.


Whether it is the transport of manure to the manure field and its subsequent scattering, the efficient transport of grain from the combine harvester by the transporter car, the bulk transport of corn cuts directly from the cutter or perhaps the management of city parks and the associated transport of cut grass or leaves, the transport of wood or building materials – ZDT offers a suitable mechanisation for these and many other needs.

A wide range of products meets the vast majority of everyday requirements and matches the needs of today's agriculture. The manufactured products are characterised by proven reliability, efficiency and easy maintenance.
The company has a service vehicle and a technician, who solves unexpected defects. In addition, it works with a number of dealers who are always ready to offer and deliver a suitable machine and, last but not least, provide assistance in dealing with service and maintenance problems.  ZDT offers a wide range of spare parts, including older machines. That's why the customer will never stay alone and without help. ZDT is your partner in the field of agricultural mechanisation.

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