Silage body GIGA-bgc

Silage body GIGA

The sillage body GIGA45 complements the range of bodies on the MEGA33 chassis and offers an option for lorry. It is designed for transportation of light feed mixtures, silage, haylage or wood chips. It offers a remarkable volume of 40 resp. 45 m3 and is powered by a floor conveyor that guarantees speed and stability.
Silage body GIGA
First-class treatment
Mechanical or hydraulic sprung
Possibility of forced steering
Lifting the front axle
The body provides the user with a number of benefits in both control and utility value. The front wall is made of mesh material so that the load compartment can be perfectly checked from the tractor cab. The top of the front wall is additionally hydraulically tilted for a ride within the place after the cutter. The rear door is hydraulically opened. The floor conveyor is driven by a pair of hydro motors to ensure that it is empty within two minutes. Horizontal unloading also ensures maximum safety. A volume of 40, resp. 45 m3 can be used to transport bulk materials such as silage, haylage or wood chips. The GIGA body offers very high transport efficiency thanks to its low weight and high volume.

Basic equipment

  • Hydraulic conveyor
  • A pair of hydraulic motors takes care of the floor conveyor drive, which ensures fast unloading.
  • Tilting front wall
  • The front wall is hydraulically tiltable for driving behind the cutter at the cross section. This makes it easier for the cutter to operate and minimises the loss of the cutter.
  • Mesh wall
  • The front wall is meshed for a perfect view of the operator towards the load compartment and cargo control during loading and unloading.
  • Hydraulic rear door
  • As standard, the rear door is hydraulically controlled for easy operation directly from the tractor.