ZDT Service

We know that service is at least as important part of operating the machine as its own acquisition. Quality service extends machine life, reduces breakdown and increases profitability.
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Service interventions

If you need to repair your trailer after an accident or if you are thinking of repairing the machine due to wear, if you are looking for spare parts or if you have a problem with the ZDT vehicle, please contact our service department.

We can quickly deliver a spare part or service in the field.

Spare parts
Jaroslav Fejt, jaroslav.fejt@zdt.cz, +420 724 282 186

Warranty Repairs
For warranty repairs, please fill out the complaint report below and send to the following email address: 
Pavel Kysilka, pavel.kysilka@zdt.cz+420 602 434 210

Post-warranty repairs and accidents
For quote and consultation of repair, please contact:
Pavel Kysilka, pavel.kysilka@zdt.cz+420 602 434 210