Universal low-loader-bgc

Universal low-loader

In case of transport of heavy machinery there is a solution from ZDT - PU trailers. You can load derdger, tractor, harvestor etc. on our lowdeck trailer. It is available in two models with total weight 7 and 12 tons.
Universal low-loader
Low deck for easy handling and operation
Steel floor with antislip treatment available
The trailer is suitable for both field and road use
Permitted speed for trailer 40km/h
Universal low-loader is the transporter with whole steel surface floor and tilting rear ramps. There are fixing points aside, plastic box for tools and chains. On the rear there are also the supports for better performance while loading and negative force actuation from trailer to the tractor. The trailers are fitted with coupling to the upper hitch, with vertically adjustable coupler. There is also pneumatic brake fitted for best performance.
The PU trailers are designed for 40km/h. In extras you can find e.g. hydraulic controlled ramps, the frame and floor structure reinforcement, the winch, antislip surface treatment, or LED work and operating lamps.

Standard features

In the base set up you can find all nessecities for save and effective transport.
  • Fixing points

  • Along the trailer there are placed the fixing points for tightening the load.
  • Folding ramps

  • In the rear of the trailer are placed folding ramps, coming up with widht adjustment.
  • Rear supports

  • There are placed mechanical supports in front of the ramps for better performance.
  • Whole steel surface

  • The floor surface is made of stell sheet, for long live-span and durability.