Three-way tipping body-bgc

Three-way tipping body

Three way tipping body is available exclusively for MEGA33 chassis. Ideal solution for agriculture services or tipping in a various environments. The three way tipping body offers maximal utility of the trailer.
Three-way tipping body
First-class treatment
Part of interchangeable system
Many types of bodies
The three way tipping body offers the possibility of tipping back and on both sides. When transporting grain, this option offers great variability and adaptability to the conditions. To increase the comfort and speed of unloading, take advantage of the installation of the hydraulic sideboards locking.
Three way tipping body on the MEGA33 chassis offers a basic volume of 30.5 m3, with extensions 600 mm up to 40 m3.

Basic equipment

  • Hydraulic rear door
  • ll tipping bodies are equipped with a hydraulic rear door for a comfortable and quick opening of the body. The door is also equipped with a window for unloading.
  • Openable sideboard
  • For side folding, the body is equipped with an openable sideboard. In standard manually opened, hydraulically on request.
  • Interchangeable system
  • Three way tipping body is manufactured within the interchangeable system. Within this you can gradually negotiate additional bodies.
  • Ladder in front
  • The body is equipped with a ladder for easy control of the body interior.