Rear tipping body-bgc

Rear tipping body

Dump body or just rear tipping body. Unloading option only backwards. A universal helper for transporting all commodities from animal feed, grain to manure.
Rear tipping body
Multi-purpose use on a small farm
First-class treatment
Part of interchangeable system
The rear tipping body is available for all MEGA and GRAND SUPER chassis. It is designed for anyone who does not have to care the height of the vehicle while tipping and uses rear tipping as the most common type of unloading. The rear tipping body offers great strength and robust construction at an attractive price.

Rear tipping body volume for chassis:
Chassis Basic volume [m3] Volume with extensions (500 mm)
Grand Super 12,5 17,5
MEGA 13 13,5 18,5
MEGA 18 16,5 25,5
MEGA 20 21 27,5
MEGA 25 23 30,5
MEGA 33 30 40


Basic equipment

  • Conical shape of the body
  • Each tipping body from ZDT extends backward to facilitate tipping
  • Ladder in front
  • On each tipping body, you can find the ladder in front of the body
  • Robust construction
  • The rear tipping body is suitable for transporting various types of materials, such as cereals, livestock manure, etc.
  • Hydraulic rear door
  • The rear  door is hydraulically controlled in its base and contains a grain chute for unloading.