Special machines

ZDT Nové Veselí company not only produces a wide range of standard products, but also can adapt to your needs.

Making customised adjustments

Among the customised adjustments we include, for example, vehicles for vegetables or for in-house transport, Galan vehicle adjustments to a shorter wheelbase or NS3 adjustments to a rear tipping body.

Technically, the adjustments concern in particular the reduction of the vehicle height, the use of special wheels, the modification of the body, adjustments for other purpose.

If you do not find a vehicle that suits you, this is the way to find the right alternative for your specific needs.

If you are interested in customising, please contact us.


  • NS3 semi-trailer with rear tipping body instead of three way PV15 GALAN platform trailer with cover
  • Log trailer on the MEGA20 or NS11V chassis
  • NS11V low loader truck with ISO container fasteners
  • NS11V platform trailer for machine transport (binding points, reinforcement, support legs, ramps)
  • NS5V for special forest application
  • NS6 for the light manure transport
  • NS11V platform with hydraulic crane preparation