Log trailer -bgc

Log trailer

Developed for challenging terrain. The tractor chassis combines the advantages of penetrability of the terrain with the possibility of fast transport on paved roads. The chassis is parabolically sprung and equipped with axle steering. The LVN body is ready to install a hydraulic arm on the customer's request.
Log trailer
First-class treatment
Mechanical or hydraulic sprung
Stanchions for wood transport
Preparation for hydraulic arm
For a difficult forestry environment, where for the truck, it is not often easy to access, or for a large elevation gains, or unpaved roads, we have developed a log trailer. Robust frame construction ensures stiffness even when fully loaded. The semitrailer combines all the benefits of the MEGA chassis with special modifications for operation on forest and unpaved roads. As standard, the MEGA LVN  log trailer is equipped with four stanchions for loading logs and also for hydraulic arm preparation. It can be delivered only as a preparation or already with a hydraulic arm installed. The vehicle can also be equipped with ABS, forced steering, hydraulic sprung or, for example, LED lighting.

Basic equipment

  • Preparation for hydraulic arm
  • The basic equipment includes a flange for mounting a hydraulic arm. We recommend the arm installation directly in our company.
  • Four pairs of stanchions

    The upright beams allow the loading of processed or raw unprocessed logs.

  • Sprung drawbar
  • The chassis is equipped with a sprung drawbar to eliminate the negative force transmission from the trailer to the tractor.a traktor.
  • Steering axles
  • The chasiss is always equipped with steering axles for tire wear reduction and surface damage reduction.