Exhibition Země živitelka 2021 Dear customers, we invite you to the international exhibition Země živitelka, which traditionally takes place at the end of summer in České Budějovice. You can see the best-selling semi-trailers at the ZDT stand. After a long time, we can... Více 23. 08. 2021 Telephone exchange fault Dear customers,please excuse the fault at our telephone exchange.If necessary, you can contact us on the mobile phone numbers found in the Contacts section. Více 11. 02. 2020 ZDT at the exhibition in Nové Město na Moravě ZDT participated in a field event organised by the partner company, Moreau Agri Vysočina spol. s r.o. in Nové Město na Moravě. We introduced the RM33 spreader on the MEGA33 chassis there together with the NS11V Galánek vehicle. Více 09. 10. 2017 Země živitelka behind us Another year of the major Czech exhibition Země živitelka, this time already the 44th season, is successfully behind us. We introduced a new logo, a new colour, a brand new car and other news behind the scenes of ZDT. Více 31. 08. 2017 Zetor Show in Vysočina ZDT Nové Veselí is a partner of the Vysočina Zetor Show, which will bring an unprecedented long tractor convoy, an exposition of the technique of other manufacturers and the handover of tractors to high schools in Vysočina.   Více 31. 08. 2017 ZDT presents a new identity Zemědělská a dopravní technika spol. s.r.o. Nové Veselí presents a brand new corporate identity on the occasion of Země živitelka Exhibition 2017. Více 13. 07. 2017 The brand new MEGA33 Easy semi-trailer We introduce the brand new MEGA33 Easy semi-trailer. It is the first single-purpose three-axle machine in the offer that respects the new concept. It brings maximum volume to the loading area, it is made with the emphasis on quality and... Více 10. 07. 2017 Preparing the exposition Země živitelka As every August, this year ZDT will be a participant in the exhibition of Země živitelka in České Budějovice. This year we have prepared three exhibits. One of them is also a brand new machine, completely developed in ZDT. Více 09. 07. 2017