Grain cart-bgc

Grain cart

Effective, fast, bulky. The special hopper allows unloading with one high performance conveyor, shortening the unloading time, minimising grain damage, and eliminating critical bottlenecks in the transfer process.
Grain cart
One worm conveyor for reliability and little damage to the grain
A large diameter worm conveyor ensures very fast emptying
Good stability, easy handling and low soil compaction
Suitable for various grains – cereals and corn
The grain cart GIGANT comes onto the market with perfect technical parameters tailored to efficient and fast harvesting. With its 30 m3 capacity, GIGANT can serve an average of up to 3 harvestors. The time necessary for emptying will fit within three minutes, making the most of the weather when harvesting. Immediately after the machine has been emptied, the tractor driver can again move towards the next combine.
In principle, grain carts work as collector bins bypassing combine harvesters and keeping them still empty. They do not need to interrupt cutting so they work as efficiently as possible. GIGANT arrives on one axle with large wheels for low soil compaction, excellent handling and safe operation.

Basic equipment

  • Check window
  • In front, the vehicle is equipped with a transparent window to check the filling and intrusion of foreign objects.
  • Gate valve for controlled screw conveyor filling
  • The screw conveyor is equipped with a hydraulic gate valve that protects it from overflowing during start-up.

  • Quick emptying
  • With a 500 mm diameter conveyor, the unloading of the machine is really fast and does not last more than 3 minutes.     
  • Universal use
  • Grain cart GIGANT is suitable for transferring all crops, ranging from wheat, barley to rape and maize.