Drinking water trailer-bgc

Drinking water trailer

We are introducing simple water tank, suitable for remote pastures withou any water source like river or the bore. The tank is placed on single axle and can carry out up to 4,5m3 of water.
Drinking water trailer
Quality processing with functionality focus
Significant value/price rate
Comprehensive features in standard specs.
The tank is made of steel sheets, treated with both inner and outer paint. On the rear part of the trailer are placed 4 drink sinks. Those are available to set in appropriate height, depending on various animals. There are also two supporting jacks, keeping the trailer in level. The tank is available in single size and equipment.

Základní výbava

The basic specs consist of following items, which are used for best performance on the pasture.
  • Support jack

  • On the rear of the trailer there are two jacks for stability increasmenet while standing on the pasture
  • Drink devices

  • Heuight adjustable dring devices for various animals, filled with floating faucet.

  • Top filling

  • The tank filling is processed by top lid. Simple as the tank itself.
  • Ball valve

  • It is single 1" ball valve placed on the bottom of tank for ease of reloading or emptying the tank.