RM1 mineral fertiliser spreader-bgc

RM1 mineral fertiliser spreader

An essential part of every farmer's equipment. A spreader of granular mineral fertilisers such as NPK, puddle, urea etc. We offer the spreader in two versions — carried and semi-trailed.
RM1 mineral fertiliser spreader
Horizontal mechanism provides wide spread and fine dosing
Horizontal mechanism provides wide spread and fine dosing.
The RM1 spreader has a long history. Thanks to its simple drive principle, stainless steel components and mechanical control, including dose adjustment, it is mainly used on smaller farms. Compared to today’s sophisticated competitors, they will have a simple design, low cost spare parts and, of course, a favourable price.

Basic equipment

  • Stainless steel spreaders
  • Spreaders as well as blades are made of stainless steel, very resistant to the chemical properties of granulated fertilisers.
  • Hydraulic spread blocking
  • Using the hydraulic cylinders, you can close the left or right side of the hopper in case of spreading in headlands or wedges.
  • Carried/semitrailer version
  • As standard, smaller version is carried, bigger version on chassis 071. It provides greater load capacity and does not burden the tractor.
  • Mechanical dosing adjustment
  • Dose adjustment is made in ten steps by moving the manual lever. The application is governed by the application table according to the type of fertiliser.