Two-way tipping body-bgc

Two-way tipping body

Bodies for MEGA or GRAND SUPER chassis with rear tipping and to the sides according the customer request. Especially suitable for grain transport. Mostly rear and left-way tipping.
Two-way tipping body
First-class treatment
Part of interchangeable system
The two way tipping body offers the option of both tipping rear and tipping sideways. The tipping side is chosen by the customer according to its needs. The body is suitable for use in the harvesting line. Additional extra paid equipment includes features to enhance operator comfort and utility values. Highly recommended is rolling cover.

Rear tipping body volume for chassis:
Chassis Basic volume (m3) Volume with extensions (500 mm)
Grand Super 12,5 17,5
MEGA 13 13,5 18,5
MEGA 18 16,5 23
MEGA 20 21 27,5
MEGA 25 23 30,5
MEGA 33 30 40


Basic equipment

  • Hydraulic rear door
  • All tipping bodies are equipped with a hydraulic rear door for a comfortable and quick opening of the body. The door is also equipped with a window for unloading.
  • Openable sideboard
  • For side tipping, the body is equipped with an openable sideboard. In standard manually opened, hydraulically on request then.
  • Conical shape of the body

    All two way tipping bodies are conical in shape, allowing easier unloading of cohesive materials, especially for silages.

    Ladder in front
  • The body is equipped with a ladder for easy control of the body interior.