Země živitelka behind us

Another year of the major Czech exhibition Země živitelka, this time already the 44th season, is successfully behind us. We introduced a new logo, a new colour, a brand new car and other news behind the scenes of ZDT.
Země živitelka is a term among Czech farmers and, of course, also manufacturers and sellers of technology. Every August, mostly at tropical temperatures, they all meet together and visit the exhibition grounds in České Budějovice, where they can see all the news of production field, meet their partners and discuss what the harvest was.
Therefore, ZDT has planned the presentation of its new identity for this date, which also includes a brand new logo. This is based on the old logo, but it respects today's trends and also a new approach within the company. In addition to the logo, a brand new web presentation was launched, where it is now easier, clearer and faster to find the necessary information. Last, but not least, a brand new vehicle – the MEGA33 Easy semi-trailer – was introduced, representing a new concept of a single-purpose car with a large volume for bulk commodities – cereals.
Mr. Marian Jurečka, Minister of Agriculture, together with the President of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, Mr. Milan Štěch, visited ZDT’s stand, which we appreciate and we are grateful for a few words that we could share together.
One of the rare visits were also the mission from Zambia, represented by Minister of Agriculture, Mrs. Dora Siliya, and Minister for Cattle and Fisheries, Mr. Micheal Zondani Jay Katambo. With respectful guests, we discussed possibilities of developing Czech-Zambian cooperation in the field of agriculture.
We thank all visitors for stopping for their comments, opinions and of course also for their orders. Another opportunity to see the ZDT machines exhibition will be brought to TechAgro in Brno in April 2018.
Země živitelka behind us