Manure spreader RM16-bgc

Manure spreader RM16

Universal spreader of organic fertilisers made as a body for trucks TATRA, MAN and others. It combines all the benefits of the RM spreader with the characteristics of the truck. 
Manure spreader RM16
Universal use for organic fertilisers – manure, residuals refinery, compost
Rich basic and wide additional extra paid equipment
Horizontal mechanism provides wide spread and fine dosing
Three milling cylinders ensure smooth and correct dosing of the manure
The spreader is suitable for application of manure, compost, residuals refinery or other organic waste. The spreading device is driven mechanically by means of an articulated shaft guided by the pulling mean. The articulated shaft is connected to a continuous shaft located under the floor of the machine. The conveyor drive then provides a rotary hydraulic motor. A total of three milling cylinders take care of material dosing to smaller pieces, which then two spreader discs spread into the field. The maximum spreading width is up to 25 m, effectively with an overlap of approximately 16 m.
The RM spreader can be installed on several different types and sizes of trucks.
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