Chassis under the combine header-bgc

Chassis under the combine header

Two-axle PKL chassis of lengths from 9 to 12 m for the transport of combine harvester headers. They allow the combine header to be loaded behind the combine harvester to make the machine reach the right size for road transport.  Chassis are built as trailers.
Chassis under the combine header
PKL chassis are suitable for combine header of different manufacturers.
The basic supports of the combine header are galvanised supports
The chassis are equipped with an overrun brake
All chassis sizes can be fitted with an extended drawbar.
Chassis under the combine harvester header is an essential part of the combine harvester when it approaches the field. Chassis are compatible with most of headers on the market from the manufacturers such as Biso, MacDon and others. When ordering, it always depends on the particular model and the exact dimensional specification, especially the storage saddles and the locking system. For detailed specification, it is necessary to consult detailed design. For a surcharge, we deliver it with a spare wheel, extended drawbar or set of fixing parts.

Basic equipment:

  • Zinc supports
  • Zinc supports for under the header, adapted to the loading of a particular header.
  • Overrun brake
  • The braked chassis is the standard for all PKL chassis models.
  • Front axle turning
  • Front axle equipped with a turntable for good handling.
  • Loading wedges
  • The basic equipment of all PKL chassis are loading wedges.